Lincoln Townhouse

—  Prospect Lefferts Gardens






Lincoln Townhouse, located within the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens Historic District of Brooklyn, was the conversion of a two-family townhouse back to its original configuration as a single-family home.  Originally built in 1897 in the Renaissance Revival style, most of the house's original details were still intact, and were carefully restored.  The top floor had been partitioned off as an apartment unit, with its own kitchen and small bathroom, which were combined into a gracious master bathroom with large skylight.  A new second bathroom was installed in a small corner bedroom.  The project included all-new electrical, plumbing, and central air conditioning.  Materials and finishes were chosen to reflect the personalities of the new owners and their growing family: simultaneously serious and playful, respectful of history and yet undeniably modern.


Completed: July 2017


Parlor Floor


Second Floor